Cirrus Logic is committed to understanding and addressing the environmental impacts associated with the company’s operational footprint. Our efforts include encouraging our employees to reduce waste, procuring renewable energy and supporting nonprofit organizations that focus on raising environmental awareness.


Cirrus Logic 通过广泛的计划,专注于改善社区福祉和地球健康,履行其企业的环境责任承诺。From working with our supply chain partners, to empowering employees to reduce our carbon footprint, to philanthropy and engagement with our nonprofit organizations, Cirrus Logic believes that focusing on the environment is more than just good for business - it's the right thing to do.




Transportation - employees are encouraged to utilize our Cirrus Logic-sponsored employee commuter shuttles and subsidized public transportation


广泛的回收计划 - 分类处理食品/堆肥化处理、干性可回收物品(塑料/纸板/玻璃)、电子废物、电池等废弃物

Plastic and Paper Reduction Program

Plastic and Paper Reduction Program - work to reduce plastic and paper waste by utilizing water refill stations and providing employees with reusable mugs

Free Electric Car Charging Points

Free Electric Car Charging Points - available at most Cirrus Logic sites in the U.S. and U.K.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency - utilize LED lighting, smart controls and energy‑efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems


eWaste - to reduce waste sent to landfills, Cirrus Logic resells, donates and recycles e-waste where possible

Renewable Energy and Emissions

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy - committed to increasing the amount of renewable energy we procure over time – our U.K. offices are powered with 100% renewable energy and we have set a goal to do the same at our facilities in Austin, Texas this fiscal year


Emissions - track and report GHG emissions to help identify opportunities for improvement and to set science-based GHG emissions reduction goals



Cirrus Logic’s office buildings in Edinburgh and London are highly rated on the BREEAM certification scale. BREEAM 是针对总体规划项目、基础设施和建筑的全球领先的可持续发展评估方法。该认证认可和反映了新建、使用中及翻新的高性能资产在建筑环境周期中的价值。


In 2020 Cirrus Logic was named to the Texan by Nature 20 recognizing the top 20 companies from across the state for their advances in conservation and sustainability. 作为思想领袖、创新伙伴关系和社区主导解决方案的催生者,Texan by Nature 一直在与德州商界合作,实施德州主导的保护实践、合作伙伴关系和资源利用。

SONY 绿色合作伙伴

SONY 绿色合作伙伴认证计划对合作生产环境敏感产品的供应商进行认证。该举措旨在鼓励供应商引入绿色合作伙伴环境管理系统。


Cirrus Logic was named to the 2021 Best Workplaces for Commuters list, published by the Center for Urban Transportation Research, which recognizes U.S. companies who meet their national standards of excellence for offering exceptional employee commuter benefits.

ESG 1:50

ESG 1:50

班车、火车、公共汽车和自行车:Cirrus Logic 的交通出行计划

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